Bean  typefacetypography; print; letterpress
The typeface is inspired by the bean sculpture also known as the silver gate or the squished bean designed by Anish Kapoor. Located in Chicago, IL. ‘bean’ - is a display typeface inspired by the organic form of the bean. In crafting this typeface, I wanted to encapsulate the essence of the bean’s curvaceous contours. The defining dent, a nod to the bean’s natural irregularities is one of the foundational distinctive features of my font, which adds playfulness to each character. Includes a latin and a cyrillic set.

Additionally, being inspired by the practice of letterpress printing and setting type, I have also created my own set of wood type to use ‘bean’ on the letterpress. Crafted with wood and acrylic using a laser cutter. 

Set of movable type for letterpress printing